Flange Detail

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Our flange is exactly to specification

An important consideration when shopping for a muffler is the exhaust flange. The manifold mounting flange on the less expensive mufflers is slightly undersize on the outside dimension. The flange on the Aires muffler is exactly to specifications. It is very large and is held very tightly when using an original forged muffler clamp— thus the clamp makes a correct fit. The muffler does not come loose nor does it leak.

Due to the wear and tear on the manifold from vibration of loose mufflers and corrosion, we recommend using a muffler sealer compound to make the seal. This can be purchased at almost any auto parts store. It is used to patch mufflers with holes— it has the consistency of tooth paste and should be applied around the flange prior to installation against the manifold.

Use a floor jack to hold the muffler in place while attaching the muffler clamp.

The photo at left shows the four vastly different flanges found on the four mufflers.

Last Updated: 07/28/2018
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