Products for the Fordson Tractor

Below are some of the Fordson Tractor products we produce at our facility in Southern Oregon.


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Complete Fordson Tractor Exhaust System

For 1929 thru 1936 Fordson Tractor. This will also fit 1917 thru 1928. This includes the clamp to attach the system to the manifold.

This is the same muffler as used on the Model A Ford from 1928 thru 1931. It is a unique design developed by Ford to be very quiet yet has very low back pressure.
We also make the tail pipe hanger, which may be purchased separately, see below.

Part No. S-665-B - $215 plus shipping.

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Tail Pipe Hanger

For use on Fordson Tractors 1917 thru 1936

Part No. S-666B - Price: $21.00 plus shipping

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Exhaust Tube

This is the tube that attaches to Manifold - no muffler included.

Part No. S-665 - Price: $56.00 plus shipping

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Exhaust Tube Flange or Clamp

Holds exhaust tube to manifold.


Part No. S-664 - Price: $25.00 plus shipping

The Precision welding fixture where we weld the Fordson Tractor Muffler components together.

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