Our Welding Simulates the Original


#1- Original 1930 muffler

#2- Stainless Aries muffler

#3- Painted steel Aries muffler

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Photo 1 is an original muffler from the 1930's. It was manufactured using the "flash" welding process: This process uses a very precise, very large welding device. It holds the front bell of the muffler on one side and the tapered body of the muffler on the other side. The two pieces are moved close together very slowly and precisely until an electric arc is struck all the way around both sides. This melts the metal all around the 360¼ circle on both sides. Immediately the two halves are brought together and the electricity is turned off. The result is a lot of sparks flying everywhere and a rather tall, rough and uneven weld. This process was used on all the round welding areas on the muffler, of which there are four, two in front and two in back. It burns off 1/8" of material on both sides.

Photos 2 & 3 show the Aries muffler (stainless and steel). We have simulated this welding pattern by using the shield arc MIG process. We think we have done quite well and produced a very reliable weld in the process.

Last Updated: 03/01/2020
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