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Model B Engine For Sale



 Hear it run on YouTube


      Rebuilt Model B Engine with "C" Crank

  • Sleeved to standard
  • Adjustable tappets
  • New babbitt bearings
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Rebuilt oil pump
  • Resurfaced B Flywheel with rebuilt pressure plate, new clutch
  • All Items balanced
  • Test Run In our shop, see video.
  • Does not Include manifolds, carburetor, starter or generator.
  • New "A" leakless water pump: add $125
  • This Is an Industrial engine, see special pad on driver's side.
$5700 outright with no core.



Land of Enchantment Tour: Near Los Alamos, NM Lunch stop.

This "speedster" is a close replica of the Alfred Moss's car which ran in the Indy 500 (Ford Racing Century p57). Ford chassis were easy to find and modify in the early 1920's. They were raced extensively and professionally all across the country. This chassis and engine were built by Don and Larry Azevedo, the chassis was lowered about 6" and various improvements have been made to the suspension and steering. The car handles quite nicely and has participated in over a dozen pre-war rallies on the West Coast. It has gone wheel to wheel with a Bugatti type 35 in one rally. The body and coach work were done by Aries Restoration in La Honda, CA. All custom made using pre-War technology. There are no modern parts on this car, nothing made after 1927 (except the battery and a hidden fuel pump). It is licensed and registered as a 1922 vehicle and certified 100 years old by the Horseless Carriage Club. The workmanship and authenticity, won the car a "Best in Class" award at the Burlingame Concours de Elegance. All of the signage and numbering on the car are hand painted, using original signs of the day for patterns. 5 on each side of the body plus the racing number on the fins of the radiator.

The engine is 177 ci, with stainless steel valves, modern aluminum pistons, 3/4 race cam, high compression aluminum head, belt driven water pump, custom headers and an original Winfield Carburetor. The drive train consists of a new modern version of the Warford over/under transmission, made by KC Industries in Kansas City, MO. Also, a Ruckstell Two Speed rear axle and the stock Ford Transmission. A total of 12 speeds forward. It is an all-steel custom made body forward of the rear bulkhead just behind the driver. The boat tail contains the gas tank, two storage compartments and is covered in a modern fabric as used to restore antique airplanes. This keeps the weight of the car down and is helpful in handling. These fabric covered bodies were popular in the 1920's, the most famous being the Bentley race cars where the entire body was fabric, only the hood and part of the cowling were metal.

The radiator and radiator shell are from a 1922 Whippet, it is a honey comb radiator, which provide more cooling than conventional radiators. We had to install an internal thermostat to keep the engine running at the proper temperature. The unique shape of this radiator sets the car apart from the original square Ford radiators. The car has a hidden turn signal system, operated by a switch under the dash.

The speedometer is driven off the right front wheel and powers a completely restored 1920 vintage Steward speedometer with odometer and trip odometer. The odometer shows about 2300 miles, logged in many rallies. The bucket seats are custom made and staggered to allow more room for the driver. The steering wheel is a "Fat Man" wheel, which folds to allow easy entry into the drivers' seat. The electrical system has a hidden regulator, this keeps the hidden Optima battery, evenly charged. Fuel pumps of any kind were not available until the late 1920's. These early race cars had a manually operated pump, to keep about 2- or 3-pounds pressure in the gas tank, so the fuel gets to the carburetor. This car has the manual pump and pressure gauge located on the right side of the dash board, but it has been bypassed by a hidden electric fuel pump that does the job nicely. The car has performed very reliability with not one breakdown since new, it has never come close to overheating in spite of some very difficult rallies. Once in Northern New Mexico we had a 22% grade down 6 miles into a national park, then back out, with temperatures being over 90 degrees. Another climb was the "Going to the Sun" Road in Glacier National Park, then a 100 miles loop around the north eastern side of the park. The car is fun to drive and handles quite nicely. With only 2300 miles on it, it is just broken in and ready for fun.

This is a one-of-a-kind vehicle, it is like driving a piece of history, as it is truly as a race car of the day.

Coming in for a Pit Stop "Land of Enchantment tour" At speed on dirt road, 2017 Endurance Run, Hollister, California. Right Side Engine Compartment: Headers and wrapping, note springs on Radius Rods for shock resistance, custom intake manifold, note wrapping to keep hood belt from touching hot headers.

Right side hood closed, shows hood belts and
latches, flex conduit for head light, 3 of
the painted on signs, red flare on hood louvers.
Left side of Cockpit, early windshield,
varnished wooden dash, fat man steering wheel,
more painted on signs, vintage rear view mirrors.
Spare tire is behind front seats.

Right side Cockpit, shows wrapping on exhaust pipe, more on painted on signs, hand grip built into body.
Closeup of right head light shows connector detail, latch detail as used on early cars of the period. Front spring support. Wiring was carefully planned and a professionally made loom contructioned. A fuse panel shows all circuits. The loom is correctly attached at all
points, all done in a professional manner.
Tail light and license plate holder are vintage, supported by a polished rod that runs through body to right side tail light. Note wiring loom is held on by metal ties, not zip ties. Again as would have been done originally.

Large Motometer, can be easily seen from drivers seat. Straight on view of cockpit, shows speedometer, manual fuel pump and gauge on right, shift
lever for Warford, mirror and head light swtich.
Right rear tail light, with STOP in the glass.
Whippet Radiator front view showing #64
lettered into honeycomb radiator. #64
was assigned by the Northwest Speedster Association.
The wheels are balanced by wrapping solder around the spokes, this was an authentic way of balancing as used in the 1920's. Rear compartments are accessed by two
hinged covers, held down by a spring loaded latch.
The compartments are varnished wood and hold a
2 gallon gas can, 1 gallon of water, tools, jack
with plenty of room left for several lunches,
drinks, warm coat etc.


Events completed:
2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 SCVMTC Endurance Run 200 miles.
HCCA annual tour, Bakersfield, CA 2014
2016 National Tour Albuquerque, NM 575 miles
2017 National Tour Glacier Park, MT 650 miles
Orange County Speedsters 2019-Fallbrook, CA 200 miles

• High compression aluminum head
• Winfield carburetor
• Rocky Mountain brakes
• Modern easy shift Warford aluminum case transmission
• Turn signals built into vintage lights
• Fabric for boat tail installed by professional airplane builder
• Whippet Radiator(honey comb type)
• Optima battery, Steward Speedometer and Odometer
• All steel construction on body, with oak frames and fabric covered boat tail.
• There have been no breakdowns or problems on the car in the 2300 miles it has run.

A very reliable vehicle.
This vehicle has about 2300 miles on it since constructed,
it is in show condition and starts and runs beautifully.
It is available for $37,500.

Contact: Joe Davis 650-279-6609 or contact

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