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Technical Information

Here are some technical papers describing exhaust systems and our methods of constructing our products.

An important consideration when shopping for a muffler is the exhaust flange. The manifold mounting flange on the less expensive mufflers is slightly undersize on the outside dimension.
Compare our product with others on the market. Aries has complete blue prints on all components and the complete assembly. We guarantee it to be exactly per the original drawings.
Dynometer tests of the Aries and other mufflers
Details on how we weld our mufflers.
This chart compares the Aries muffler to the original and reproduction mufflers.

Model A Accessory that will keep the interior of your car cooler.

The Model AA used a different muffler and tailpipe from the Model A cars. An excellent article is presented on the website. Click here to read it.


Last Updated: 03/01/2020
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