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Installing an Aries Muffler

One of our customers created a YouTube video showing the correct procedure for installing your new muffler -
click here to view it

Fitting Muffler to Manifold

If you are having any issues getting a good tight fit between the Aires muffler and your exhaust manifold,
read this article

Shipping Tips

Shipping Inside the Continental USA:

Did you know that we can ship two muffler assemblies for the same price as shipping one?
If you have a Model A friend who also needs a new Aries muffler, you can combine your order and split the shipping cost!

Shipping Outside the Continental US:

We can help you avoid the expensive shipping cost of the full muffler/tailpipe assembly overseas by shipping the muffler and the tail pipe separately but marked for welding. Shipping in two pieces greatly reduces shipping costs to: Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico as well as some foreign countries. Welding can be done by any muffler shop.

Contact us to find out how much you can save on shipping this way.

Last Updated: 07/29/2018
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